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The Music Handbook Level 2

The Music Handbook Level 2

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The Music Handbook Level 2 builds on the skills the children learned at Level 1, while still supporting the teacher every step of the way.

  • 30 clear, structured and sequenced lesson plans

  • Builds on the work begun at Beginner's level and Level 1

  • Includes two new rhymes and 8 new songs as well as lots of old favorites

  • Reinforces the children's knowledge of pitch names and hand-signs and introduces lots of new rhythms

  • Resources section with songs, rhymes, actions and games

  • Templates for puppets and rhythm activities

  • The Handbook has 208 pages and includes seven CD's with all teaching and song tracks

  • Suitable for children aged 6-9 who have completed Level 1


To listen to sample tracks from Jolly Music, simply click on the track of your choice. The CD's provided with Jolly Music contain teaching tracks, that are intended for children to imitate, rather than sing along with, and they are therefore sung simply and without accompaniment in order to provide the best model for the children.

The Muffin Man.mp3

I sent a letter to my love.mp3

Here comes a bluebird.mp3